2014. november 1., szombat

Holy grail nail care products

I think I have found all the items I need to take care of my nails. Yey me!
I used to love that grapefruity jelly thing from Essence (I don't remember the name) but unfortunately it was discontinued ... I have a back-up but I really wanted to find a good replacement. Found it! Lovely Cuticle exfoliator with aloe vera extract: This tiny thing  is the single most important item in my nail care rutine. To have a nice manicure you gotta have nice nail beds. This jelly like liquid helps to gently remove the unwanted skin. I apply it with the included brush then massage it in for a few seconds and with the help of the Essence rosewood sticks I just simply rub away the excess skin. Works like magic.
I am a firm believer in using glass nail files. Most of my favourite youtubers were using glass nail files so I was curious. I wanted to see if using glass nail files make a difference in the quality of my nails. After using these nail files for like a year now I can honestly say they do make a difference. Actually I saw almost immediate results. Those pesky layered nail peels were completely gone after like 2 weeks. I bought my glass files in a Rossmann and in the Moyra shop. #LOVE
I know everyone and their mother uses the Isana almond scented nail polish remover but my favourite is the Aveo acetone-free remover. I've always thought the Isana remover was drying out my nails and my nail beds. I don't have this problems with the Aveo one. It removers  glitter nail polish like a dream. And it's a bargain: 199 Ft for 125 ml.
To hydrate and re-hydrate my nails and my hands I love L'Occitane products. I already have raved about the  Nail & cuticle nourishing oil with 30% shea butter ... I just freaking love it!!  It comes in a small tube which has a built-in brush. It's super easy to apply and it really hydrates. I usually use it on the bus on my way to work. :-) When I have a little more time on my hands (pun intended) I use the 100% shea butter, it's a lot messier to apply and it takes a little more time to sink into my skin and my nails. I also really love the L'Occitane hand creams, the shea butter scented is my favourite. 
I have to mention two fail products. Essence Studio nails Fast cuticle remover: this one doesn't remove the cuticle. End of the story. It's too liquidy, it's a mess and basically does nothing. The other product is the Essence Gel nails at home Cuticle pusher: it's so freaking harsh on the nails and on the skin it's like a very rough sandpaper.

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